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ReeLabs Wellness Weight Less works on multiple levels to help you stay at a healthy weight. Its ingredients effectively control appetite, enhance metabolism and prevent dietary fat from entering your system. So you lose weight and gain health and energy!


  • GUAR GUM & INULIN - Reduce your body's intake of dietary fats & cholesterol.
  • SHEVGA & CURRY PATTA - Reduce lipid imbalance and regulate triglycerides.
  • TURMERIC, GUGGUL, CARNITINE - Rid the body of accumulated fats and prevent growth of new fat cells.
  • FENUGREEK & GUDMAR - Regulate blood sugar.


Pour the sachet contents into water. Stir to a smooth blend. Or blend the sachet contents with your regular smoothies and health drinks.



Two sachets per day before meal, or as suggested by the dietician or health practitioner.


Contains 30 sachets of 9 grams each.

Weight Less

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