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ReeLabs is the ONLY stem cell laboratory in India which has the technology and expertise of banking stem cells from ALL different human sources: cord tissue, cord blood, placenta, amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, dental pulp, bone marrow, bloodstream, adipose tissue and menstrual fluid.

Missed banking your child’s stem cells at birth? ReeLabs can also process stem cells from the dental pulp (from milk teeth) once your child gets older.


ReeLabs is the ONLY stem cell laboratory in the Indian market to offer stem cell banking and various therapy options.

ReeLabs has 10 international patents and 18 proprietary technologies related to their unique stem cell therapy protocols.


Asia's largest stem cell laboratory specially designed to facilitate stem cell banking and research.

ReeLabs has always been a proponent of the most ethical and accepted practices in stem cell banking and therapy.



  • ReeLabs is a sophisticated state-of-the-art stem cell banking facility and is the best stem cell bank in Mumbai. Stem cell preservation in ReeLabs involves collecting, processing and storing of stem cells as per international standards that ensure optimum yield. ReeLabs employs a quality management system based on continuous improvement, to ensure that all aspects of its services are consistently carried out and meets International Cellular Therapy (ICT) standards. The laboratory is accredited with:

    • GLP - Good Laboratory Practices

    • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

These are the highest possible accreditations for Cord Blood Banks and Stem Cell Centres.

  • We pride ourselves on these stringent standards of stem cell preservation and guarantee that each sample is screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance program. Transplant physicians are more likely to accept an internationally accredited stem cell unit, compared to a unit that is not.​​

  • ReeLabs' unique proprietary logistics systems is a significant advantage since it promises customers of initiation of processing in the first six hours of collection of the cord blood or cord sample for patients in Mumbai and around. This ensures an unbeatable count, viability and potency of the processed stem cells. We conducted a path-breaking study where cords were processed at intervals of six hours. It was noted that the stem cell caliber started decreasing with every passing hour after the first six hours of collection and was reduced to zero by the end of 72 hours.


  • We possess a unique Stem Cell Improvement System including proprietary collection kit and superior processing technology where every detail of the process has been diligently monitored with the finest technology available for saving these precious cells for your family. The result is an industry-leading excellence and an unmatched 99% cell recovery rate.


    Our unique system saves 25% more cells on average compared to any other commonly employed methods. Cord blood volume varies with each newborn, and only stem cell improvement optimizes recovery of maximum stem cells regardless of the collection volume.​ ​We take every step possible to ensure the most successful collection and long-term safety and viability of your baby's stem cells using either cryo-bags or cryo-vials as per the client's requirement.With ReeLabs, you can be confident that you will have the highest possible number of cells saved from your baby's cord blood or cord. Possessing more cells available for treatment is important, because a larger number of stem cells can help a patient recover faster, experience fewer complications, and, ultimately, increase chances for survival.


  • ReeLabs effectively processes and stores various types of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells for all its clients. We propagate storing both hematopoietic stem cells (rich in blood forming cells used in hematopoietic disorders like leukemia, thallasemia, sickle cell anaemiaetc) from cord blood and mesenchymal stem cells (rich in mesenchymal cells that produce mesenchymal tissues like bone, cartilage, nerve, blood vessel, fat etc., especially useful in regenerative medicine) from cord tissue and hence optimize the entire exercise of cord blood collection and storage.


  • The option of relevant stem cell amplification and expansion is also available in rare cases of extremely inadequate collection.

  • Option of HLA-matching (during retrieval for transplant) is an additional yet exclusive service to all clients of ReeLabs.

  • The company boosts of a distinguished panel of doctors, scientists, medical and laboratory personnel working exhaustively round the clock to optimize the preservation of stem cells. More significantly our eminent panel of researchers is constantly exploring the possibility of implementation of use of preserved stem cells for various forms of definitive therapies. Stem cell banking automatically becomes meaningful, wholesome and clinically relevant.


  • Last but not the least, we are one of the only companies in the world that has a proprietary treatment option, where we possess definitive, meaningful therapies for various degenerative disorders viz. muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke, congestive cardiac failure, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, osteoarthritis, diabetes in addition to treatment for hematopoietic disorders like leukemia, thallasemia, sickle cell anaemia, etc.

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