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Stem cells derived from liposuction (extraction of fat) are extremely rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These stem cells over the years have been utilised in various cosmetic and regenerative procedures with astounding success. The successes of these procedures lie in the ability of these mesenchymal stem cells to form cells, tissues or organs that need repair or regeneration. The fact that these cells are autologous and risk free, increases its application in the field of regenerative medicine, plastic surgery and cosmetology manifold.

The adipose derived stem cells are extracted from a single sample of liposuction aspirate. These cells are collected, processed, purified, harvested, amplified and suitably stored in ReeLabs under appropriate GMP and GLP conditions.

Processing of about 300 ml lipoaspirate would yield between 50 million to 300 million mesenchymal stem cells. ReeLabs can also suitably culture and amplify these stem cells yielding two to ten times its original count. Hence, occasionally even an insufficient original count can be suitably amplified before therapy.

Mesenchymal stem cells are renowned to aid in repair and regeneration of cartilage, bone, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, muscle, fat and collagen and form the basis of treatments in innumerable diseases that are damaged or deficient of these vital components. This forms the cornerstone of its widespread application in Dermatology, Cosmetology, Plastic Surgery and Regenerative medicine.

This also opens up widespread treatment options in various cosmetic disorders like anti-ageing, hair loss, vitiligo, scars, pigmentations etc. as also in degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart and kidney failure, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, spinal abnormalities etc.

Hence, it's prudent to bank stem cells derived from lipoaspirate (something that used to be generally discarded as waste) especially since it could just be that elusive elixir that may help treat a plethora of diseases.

An integral part of ReeLabs conducts sophisticated, state-of-the-art stem cell research for a number of degenerative disorders. It employs the latest, most effective techniques by various experts and specialists considered leaders in the field of modern medicine.


If you want to know more about these wonderful stem cells or require any other information on stem cells in general, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your queries.

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