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Stem Cells is the future for prevention of age related degeneration. It will provide the capability by which the body's own stem cells will help in restoring youth and health without any drugs. ReeLabs has created a new pedestal for themselves in a short span of time in the field of Stem Cell Banking and Therapy Solutions. Established in 2009, we have developed the expertise in collecting and storing stem cells from all available biological materials like umbilical cord, cord blood, amniotic fluid, placenta (chorion), amniotic sac, bone marrow, adipose tissue, menstrual blood, dental pulp and hair follicles.

ReeLabs is now all set to bring their productive service to the masses on a PAN India level. To help achieve this goal, we introduce a mutually benefitting franchisee program.


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No experimentation. No gestation period. No time lags. Immediate revenues.

  • Setup: The franchsior (ReeLabs) will setup a lab and manage the same end to end.

  • Training: The franchisor will provide training on how to manage the business operations and use the software.

  • Marketing: To save the franchisees from the costs of experimenting, the franchisor will share its experience and knowledge on how to market and communicate the centre proposition.

  • Operations Manual: An operation manual plus a software will be provided by the franchisor containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the franchisee.

  • Advertising & Promotions: The franchisor will organise events specific to marketing and branding for ReeLabs at a national level, including participation in events and tie ups with publications.


  • Hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, top wellness centers, birthing centers, top gynaecologists and business associates for referral model meeting with the investment and space prerequisite.

  • Commitment to efficient customer service and long-term associates.

  • Franchisees with single/multiple location(s).

  • Franchisees with sufficient back-up and ability to sustain during gestation.


If you want to know more or require any other information, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your queries.

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